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A great way to get Turmeric [blend] into your dog's diet : The Turmeric Kong! - Nature Squared

A great way to get Turmeric [blend] into your dog's diet : The Turmeric Kong!

We supply loads of dog owners with our powder [blend], some choosing to share it with their furry friends, others buying it exclusively for their animals. We often get asked though how best to get it into a dogs daily diet. The most simple way of course is to sprinkle it into their food, but as we know some are quite fussy about how their dinner is served and also it's nice to offer some variety .... so another very popular way is to use it in you dog's Kong.

It's up to you what you mix it with, there is no exact science, we've heard of people mixing a half teaspoon of TURMERIC [blend] with tuna & goats yoghurt, other's have said they've mixed it into a meat paste.

Here is one of our favourite Kong or Lickimat recipes for you to try, if you have any others you'd like to share drop us an email ...


1 banana
1 tbsp TURMERIC [blend] powder
1 tbsp peanut butter (ensuring it doesnt contain xylitol & is safe for dogs)
1 tbps cream cheese
2 heaped tsp coconut oil
A small handful of kibble or small chopped treats


Roughly mash the banana, leaving some lumps for texture.

Melt the coconut oil so it is in liquid form, add it to the banana along with all the other ingredients except the kibble/biscuits.

Mix well then throw in a few pieces of kibble/biscuit. This just adds texture and interest.

Stuff the Kongs until they are full, and finish off with a few kibble pieces or a chunk of banana.

If using a Lickimat simply spread the mix evenly over the mat.

Freeze until ready for use!




Remember that adding TURMERIC [blend] into your dogs diet can be hugely beneficial to them whether they are suffering with a condition or not. The ant-inflammatory properties are just a effective on our animals as they are on us humans, it can be a fantastic treatment for animals suffering with joint and mobility issues but also serve as a preventative for keeping the body in tip top condition.

Read more about TURMERIC [blend] for your pets.

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