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Why turmeric is the new 'must have' in the running world? - Nature Squared

Why turmeric is the new 'must have' in the running world?

TURMERIC [blend]  (as seen at the National Running Show) is becoming an obvious choice within the fitness world as the benefits of the blended ingredients in both preparing and repairing our bodies for intensive exercise are becoming more widely known and understood. 

For runners turmeric has been shown to offer several potential benefits:

Anti-Inflammatory: Running puts a lot of stress on the joints, which can lead to inflammation. Turmeric blend is enhanced with a 95% curcumin extract, curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, reducing pain and swelling in the joints.

Improved Recovery: Reduction in inflammation can also help speed up recovery after a run. Additionally, turmeric is known to improve blood flow, which can help transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, allowing them to recover faster.

Increased Antioxidant Capacity: Running generates oxidative stress in the body, which can damage cells and tissues. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, which means it can help protect the body against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Enhanced Performance: Some studies have shown that supplementing with turmeric can improve physical performance, potentially allowing runners to run faster and for longer.

TURMERIC [blend] is available in powder or capsule form, don't forget that both blends are super charged with the addition of the MCT (medium chain triglycerides extracted from coconut oil) meaning absorption rates are dramatically increased . Either 1 capsule or 1 tsp of powder a day as your normal maintenance ... TOP TIP if you are training for an event or a high impact session, double up your dosage for a week before, it will help to prepare your body and you should reap the benefits both during and after the event. 

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