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Feel the burn with TURMERIC[blend] - your new diet secret! - Nature Squared

Feel the burn with TURMERIC[blend] - your new diet secret!

People are turning to TURMERIC[blend] to help boost their weight loss. But how do these golden blends affect your body's ability to slim down?

  • Turmeric encourages the body to convert white fat (which stores calories) into brown fat (which burns energy) ... magic!
  • Both blends contain ingredients that speed up your metabolism which, in turn, increases energy expenditure ... you got it, meaning you burn fat quicker!
  • Turmeric also reduces insulin resistance and can help bring blood sugar levels down!
  • The liver is instrumental in the burning of fat, and turmeric helps to keep your liver healthy and free of toxins ... meaning it can play a large part in burning those extra pounds!
  • Our powder [blend] also contains green tea, ginger, black pepper and stevia, all of which are used to aid weight loss. 
  • But, if you aren't keen on the taste, our capsules [blend] is enriched with turmeric root extract with a 95% curcumin content which will only super charge the power of the organic turmeric!

Simply put, when complemented by a healthy balanced diet, TURMERIC[blend] can help prevent weight gain AND speed up weight loss.

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