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Love Golden Paste? Here's the next level stuff!

Love Golden Paste? Here's the next level stuff!

Are you a 'Golden Paste' veteran? Been making it for years and just don't understand how it can be any different to our ready to go TURMERIC [blend]? Well, there are several reasons that you may want to consider giving our powder blend a try as a turbo charged hassle free alternative to your home made paste.

Crafted with precision and care, TURMERIC [blend] is formulated with results and vitality at it's core. The high grade organic turmeric that we use as the foundation of our blend is tested before every batch to ensure delivery of the highest levels of curcumin; we have increased those curcumin levels even further with a potent 95% curcumin extract, ensuring you receive a concentrated dose of this powerful compound with every scoop. Unlike homemade pastes, which may vary in potency and consistency, our blend guarantees strength, consistency and reliability. 

Additionally, where your homemade paste calls for coconut oil in it's common form, our TURMERIC [blend] powder is enriched with the far more concentrated MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) that have been extracted from coconut oil, further boosting it's efficacy. MCTs not only serve as a carrier for curcumin, aiding in its absorption, but also provide a valuable source of energy to fuel your body and support overall well-being. 

  1. Less mess & less hassle
  2. Guaranteed consistent curcumin strength 
  3. Concentrated efficient MCT oil delivery system
  4. Quick & easy daily use

With TURMERIC [blend], you can enjoy the benefits of turmeric with ease and confidence, knowing that each serving packs a powerful punch. Say goodbye to the hassle of homemade pastes and hello to the simplicity and potency of TURMERIC [blend]. 1 teaspoon a day mixed into any of your food or drink ... or simplify even further & grab a pack of our TURMERIC [blend] Capsules.

Time to level up your turmeric game!

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