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Supplement quality & safety controls - We've got it covered!

Supplement quality & safety controls - We've got it covered!

At Nature Squared, product quality and customer safety is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our supplements are manufactured undergoing rigorous quality and safety checks designed to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for supplement manufacture, under the certification from the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and HMFA (Health Food Manufacturers Association).

Our blends are manufactured in a pharmaceutical clean room, the entire production process from unpacking the raw materials to bottling the capsules happens here to ensure product quality & safety. Spot checks are carried out and the products are not approved for packaging until all standards are met.

Quality checks at every stage

Ingredient Sourcing and Testing
Quality begins with the ingredients. We source only the finest of ingredients from quality suppliers that are known and trusted, certificate of analysis and evidence of quality standards provided with every engagement.

Capsule Polishing
This removes powder stuck to the outside of the capsule shell. This ensures that when a customer removes a capsule from its container they do not get powder on their skin or clothes ... especialy important with our turmeric!

Highly Sensitive Metal Detection
Does what it says on the tin! An extra layer of precaution when manufacturing supplements.

Final Quality Control Check
One final fail-safe requires that all capsules are individually checked by the human eye. This allows any imperfections such as dents or insufficiently filled capsules to be identified and removed.

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