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Prostate cancer - are you at risk? - Nature Squared

Prostate cancer - are you at risk?

Attention Men (and anyone with a prostate)!

We’ve been hearing about this a lot on the radio recently, so we wanted to echo the message ourselves.

Did you know that 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer?!  There are certain factors that will put some men at higher risk.  You can check out your own risk today on the Prostate Cancer UK website risk checker.  It takes just 30 seconds!  The earlier this condition is found, the better the chance of it being cured.  The website is also packed with information and resources on the subject.  So don’t delay and check it out today:

Whilst you are here though, please do also check out the Nature Squared health products on our website.  A range of supplements, designed to keep you moving and healthy, every day.

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