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TURMERIC Capsule [blend] Vs TURMERIC Powder [blend]? - Nature Squared

TURMERIC Capsule [blend] Vs TURMERIC Powder [blend]?

We often get asked the same question, which is of your blends is better for me? Turmeric capsules or turmeric powder? The simple answer is, they will both deliver impressive results ... but, if really pushed for an answer, the powder blend is stronger. HOWEVER, I would urge you to consider your behaviours and taste preferences first off as the powder does have a strong distinctive and earthy flavour, it certainly isn't for everyone ... and it is only better for you IF you actually take it! 

Some of our customers swear by the capsules and wont even entertain the thought of the powder. It is either not to their taste or requires too much effort, they love the convenience of the capsules, one quick capsule and you’re done for the day.

The POWDER [blend] fans tend to love the purity of a loose powder and enjoy incorporating it into their diet.  Most report that they take it in the morning as a quick shot with juice or water, others mix it with yoghurt or a smoothie, another common one is adding it to porridge. There is no right or wrong way to take it.


But is there a difference in what it will do for me and my body?

It does not matter in what form the turmeric curcumin is delivered into your body, what really does matter is the bio availability, this is how much of the ‘good stuff’ can be absorbed. The bio availability of curcumin depends very much the turmeric being blended with the right ingredients and both of our blends include the MCT from coconut oil and organic black pepper, together they increase the bio availability by 2000%!!!!

The capsules [blend]  are encased in Hypromellose (vegetable capsule shell) which is easily broken down in your gut giving our turmeric capsules optimum absorption rates. 

The powder [blend] contains everything that the capsules do but with the addition of organic ginger, cinnamon, green tea & papaya, each bringing their own complimentary health benefits and increasing the anti oxidants available. 


So what’s the verdict?

It really does comes down to the individual, be led by you and your behaviours, there is no bad choice here. The increased curcumin content in the TURMERIC [blend] Powder as well as the added antioxidants means that the powder does take the crown ... but you only need to read the reviews to understand that the capsules are seriously effective and stand out amongst other turmeric brands as a serious game changer!

Of course, the very best option would be to treat yourself to both, so you get the best of both worlds!!!!!


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